I am very excited to share the exclusive online Wellness Store, AKA, Melaleuca!

Go ahead and take a couple minutes to watch this short video to see what this store is truly about! 

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Melaleuca is a private, debt-free, Idaho based manufacturer with a shopping club that’s membership is accessible through invitation only. It’s a great alternative store where you can purchase healthier alternatives to your everyday essentials. 

What separates Melaleuca from typical stores, such as Walmart or Target, is that they manufacture all of their own products to ensure quality ingredient control and everything is shipped fresh from the factory directly to your front door. All of their products have gone through extensive, third-party, scientific research to make sure they will never harm anyone, in any way. All of their products are green, eco-friendly, scientifically researched and backed to be healthier and safer for you; with no toxic ingredients.

For 36 years, they have been the largest online wellness store in North America and have pioneered the science behind plant-based, non-toxic, green living even before it was “mainstream”. I share this store with you in all confidence, because I have witnessed firsthand, over the last 4 years, how the products have not only saved me money, but immensely helped the health of myself, my family and so many other families.

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Melaleuca customers shop directly from the factory, on a monthly basis. To become a Melaleuca member, it is an annual fee of only $19. Every product is assigned a product point value. Every month you'll shop for at least 35 product points. An average 35 point order is about 5-10 products. With more than 400+ products to choose from, most customers order well over 35 product points. Best of all, these are products you are already purchasing. You're simply switching stores and spending the same money to get healthier, safer and better products, delivered to your front door.

You're going to get: Extensive research, cutting edge science, clinical tests, a healthier home, no caustic chemicals, a cleaner environment, biodegradable ingredients, concentrated formulas, reduced plastic waste and fuel emissions.

What you won't get: Harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach, parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, alternatives, fillers or excess water.

Perks of being a member:

Discounted, factory direct pricing of 30%-50%
Up to $100 in free product credits to spend in your first 5 months ($20 on your very first order)
Access to New Member Savings Packs (within your first 2 months only)
100% Satisfaction with a 90-day, money back guarantee
Flexibility to cancel your membership at any time, for free
Flexibility to reactivate your cancelled membership, for free, any time during the year you've paid for. You are in complete control of when you want to order!
Getting paid for referring customers, in a form of a monthly thank-you check (completely optional)

Every member puts an insurance backup order on file to keep your membership active in case you forget to order a total of 35 points and forget to suspend your membership by the last business day of any given month. The backup order will be charged to your card on file on the 1st of the following month.

There's never been a better time to switch to safer, more natural alternatives. 
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Here is a link to the Full American Catalog for you to browse. 

How You Can Order


New member savings packs are an amazing cost saving benefit available to all new members in the first 2 months of enrollment.  These are the best way to try a variety of products and are a tremendous value. As a new customer, there is no requirement to order a pack, but they are a great way to get started with your new membership.


Have specific items in your budget and on your shopping list for the month? You can simply order the products you need. 

Have Questions? Text Me Directly at 443-550-1822 or email michelleg.marketing@gmail.com.

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