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“Success is predictable if you know what determines it. This book ofers some valuable entrepeneurial insights that will strengthen your life, your business, and your effectivenes overall.”

Cracking The Rich Code


Featuring Michelle Guinn’s
“You Wake up in a Panic Again. It’s 4 am.

This book offers powerful thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and strategies from a diverse lineup of 20 coauthors from around the world. Chances are this book contains exactly what you need to excel your business into the top 5% in your category worldwide. Created by top peak-performance expert Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show Shark Tank and 20 empowering entrepreneurs and their stories.

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Get In The Habit, 30 Day Guided Journal

This 30 day guided journal will help you take a step back from your daily routine and replace potentially disruptive habits, such as negative thinking or negative self talk, with the positive daily habits of gratitude and self-appreciation for everything you accomplish in your day.

This journal will guide you in overcoming the feeling of overwhelm and help you face your challenging and busy life from a new perspective, in order to take back control of your days.

If you have never journaled before and are looking for guidance or a framework to get started, look no further.

Research has shown the proven benefits in the habit of practicing gratitude and daily journaling.

This journal provides a step-by-step guide to start your day in gratitude, organization, and creativity and end your day in review to discover and document everything you achieved, no matter how small.

After all, it’s our thoughts about the day, and not the day itself that affect how we feel.

Productivity Coach

Be A Success Maverick

How Ordinary People Do It Different to Achieve Extraordinary Results​

Michelle is proud to be featured as a co-author in this #1 International Best Seller, Be A Success Maverick, Volume 2.

Michelle joins several powerhouse authors sharing their inspirational “Success Maverick” stories concerning their individual success and what they have done different through their lives to create the results they have achieved.

An absolute must read for anyone who wants to be successful in life.

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